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Top 10 PR Agencies in Dubai  

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The ‘U.A.E PR Index 2017’ was launched on the premise that PR agencies connect their clients with various stakeholders via numerous channels, with the media being the primary channel through which communication with audiences is achieved. Given the large number of PR agencies in the U.A.E, the U.A.E PR Index 2017 seeks to examine the efficacy of these agencies based on the first-hand experiences of journalists who work with them.

Media relations

Although the functions of PR agencies have expanded and branched into various channels, media relations continue to capture the lion’s share of customer interest. Businesses and organisations in the region still choose to deliver strategic corporate messages primarily through traditional and digital media. These are considered the most important platforms for conveying news and corporate messages to target audiences. This highlights the importance of the U.A.E PR Index 2017, which assesses the reputation of PR companies and their relations with journalists in the main-stream media, which reflects their ability to communicate their clients ‘content through the media.

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Top 10 PR agencies

The U.A.E’S first-ever v comprises a poll of 200 journalists on their perspectives of PR agencies and PR professionals operating in the U.A.E. The PR Index identifies the top 10 PR agencies based on two key criteria (2 sub-indices):

Quality of content

The PR Index seeks to fill the gap where a lack of evaluation of PR agencies operating in the U.A.E exists in terms of the quality of content and media relations performance. The evaluation emanates from the perspective of journalists, in response to the PR sector’s in-tense activity, the large number of companies operating within this realm, and the absence of true criteria to measure their performance. These factors are essential in aiding businesses to select the best and most suitable PR companies for their needs. It is for these reasons that Content Plus conducted a direct survey with representatives of media outlets operating in the country, to identify a list of the most active and communicative PR agencies on the ground.

Return on investment

The PR Index is a practical guide that enables organisations seeking to strengthen their presence in the media and to identify the best PR agencies who can achieve this goal effectively, through perspectives of journalists. By utilizing the PR Index, institutions can adopt new mechanisms in contracting with PR agencies by monitoring and evaluating their performance as evident in the PR Index. This, in turn, serves to enhance the efficiency of expenditure and return on investment.