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CONTENT PLUS is a top-rated media consultancy that comprises a unique team of highly skilled, highly experienced, and highly motivated media professionals, including communications consultants and public relations strategists from around the world.

“Our deep understanding and knowledge of the UAE and regional media scene, coupled with international best practices in communications and public relations, enables us to substantially enhance our clients’ reputation and presence in the mainstream news media and social media channels, thereby raising public awareness and recognition of our clients’ products and services, through well-thought-out communications and community outreach initiatives”.said Mohammed Baida, the managing editor in CONTENT PLUS.

Wherever they are in the world, we empower commercial entities to develop their business, with a 360-degree communications and media perspective.

Mohammed Baida

CONTENT PLUS is a well-established and reputed Dubai-based boutique media consultancy specialising in digital and marketing content, public relations, corporate communications, social media management, online and offline publishing, business intelligence, media relations, translation services, graphic design, event management, and allied customised services.

With a deep understanding of the Middle East region, CONTENT PLUS excels in enhancing clients’ business reputation across various digital and social media platforms, industry verticals, and audience demographics.

CONTENT PLUS works with global brands, regional and state governments, SMEs, fintech and edtech startups, NGOs, and individuals – all seeking customised communications solutions.

Committed to harnessing its team’s creative potentials in order to enhance our partners’ strengths and translate these into strategic accomplishments that enable them to realise their goals. We do this, not only to change the rules of the game but to revolutionise them.

Communication and media branding is truly at the heart of what we do. Our highly skilled and experienced media experts deliver maximum value to our clients through a bouquet of customised media services.

CONTENT PLUS our mission

Content Plus’s primary unique attribute lies in its ability to break the traditional models of achievement and idea generation by creating new horizons for aspiring companies and institutions that seek to move away from idea replication to achievement and innovation.

Since 2016, we’ve adapted to changes, trends, and societal shifts in media. Today, we’ve mastered a new frontier: providing clients with comprehensive, creative solutions that place the right message in front of the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

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