Since 2016, we’ve adapted to changes, trends, and societal shifts in media, messaging, and design. Today, we’ve mastered a new frontier: providing clients with comprehensive, creative solutions that place the right message in front of the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

We’re able to accomplish such precision through a strategic blend of both traditional and digital media that we call multi-platform delivery.

Local and regional markets are witnessing an increase in demand for online Arabic content services, generally due to the poor quality of Arabic content in Arab markets and lack of eloquent and error-free content. In addition, the speech strength and style are deteriorating due to linguistic errors and incoherent language used which have weakened the influence and ability to deliver the right message. Another factor is the huge number of “translators” who lack proficiency in mother tongue, as they focus on improving their knowledge of foreign languages giving less attention to their very own language. This has led in the weakening of overall market confidence in the presence of talented cadres in this sector.

This fact has also caused the translation landscape to be dominated by foreign or international companies lacking Arabic Language knowledge and the necessary expertise in local traditions and culture of the Arab countries. Due to their limited proficiency in the complexity of Arabic language and its various dialects, the language used in the media has deteriorate and the impact of formal Arabic flair has been significantly overshadowed.

Currently, while the market highly demands strong local Arabic content that speaks to the clients’ culture and their special lifestyle, less than 1% of all online content is in Arabic, and less than 0.2% of global digital content is hosted in the Arab region, although native Arabic speakers represent about 4.5% of the world population.

Our History


A passionate group of regionally renowned Arabic writers, editors, and art creators collaborated to promote and revive the Arabic content and established CONTENT PLUS. Their vision aimed at supporting, fostering and nurturing the authenticity of Arabic language to protect the essence of its rich heritage and open new horizons for this timeless language.

Our Vision

Re-establish the Arabic content as paramount to modern communication, and to the Global business. We in CONTENT PLUS strive daily to continually improve the creative process to provide the industry’s highest quality copywriting and localization services. At CONTENT PLUS we create rich content that reflects and reinforces the cultural and intellectual achievements and contributions of Arabic content to restore the language’s vital impact in daily lives.

Our Mission


To provide premium Arabic content in cultivating the essence of the Arabic language in the modern world.

CONTENT PLUS creative Services; is a leading languages and content services provider that enables global businesses to deliver locally relevant and culturally connected products to the Arab market.

Based in Dubai, CONTENT PLUS is in the heart of one the world’s most multicultural cities. With the globalization of businesses and ease of travel and communication, content services have become very useful and necessary in expanding worldwide or in catering to your present international mix of clients and customers.

At CONTENT PLUS we know that understanding a culture is pivotal in understanding a language, and this is how we help clients succeed. In addition to providing copywriting and interpreting services, our cross-cultural solutions include media training in intercultural communication.

Core Values


Here AT CONTENT PLUS, our core values govern our work and culture, which help us in providing service that is exemplary for our clients.

  • We are motivated by delivering excellence and using our expertise to help our clients in their communication needs.
  • Our expertise in the Arabic language and immersion in the culture gives us the advantage to communicate accurate and relevant content in an eloquent manner. We make sure that what we create is true to its meaning, engaging, and exhibit correct formal Arabic.
  • We value creativity and innovation that foster continuous growth for the company and within the individuals in our team.
  • We continue to stay committed in promoting the prestige of Arab culture and language through our work.